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Inferior compulsive cocksucker & ass licker with a 2-inch flaccid dick. I need to be degraded and humilated by superior men who put me in my place. My throat and my balls both need punishment. What happens in my mouth, stays in my mouth.

LOL. When I was a senior in High School, my neighbor Wes came over to my house, after track practice. My room was in the basement, and he layed down on my bed, looking at a Playboy or Penthouse while I went upstairs to shower, (as I did not bother to do so at school). 

I apparently did not make enough noise coming down the stairs, upon return from the shower. When I entered my bedroom, Wes was laying on my bed, hand down his shorts, and my jockstrap held under his nose with his other hand.

His embarassment was extreme, and there was nothing he could say. I just laughed and suggested that due to his horniness, perhaps we needed to play strip pool. But due to the fact that I was only wearing a towel, and he, a pair of shorts and sneakers, we simply decided the best out of 3 games of 8 Ball would decide whom would be slave to whom

I won two games and due to his sudden obsession with my jockstap, he was tied, spread-eagle, to my bed and said sweaty jockstrap was shoved into his mouth and ducttaped in place..

I finally had to remove it, as he began to gag and was about to upchuck on my bed.  He was kind of pissed off, too. Didn't really matter though, as I am sure he got jacked off and besides, he was always an especially cruel dom, whenever he won, especially when camping out at my uncle's farm.

That was the only time I ever caught anyone sniffing underwear, but it certainly left me no doubt that he was horny.

Hot story 

Umm..flashbacks! 😮🤭🥵

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That look of devotion and desire in its eyes makes me want to smother its face with my Alpha cum. And how it goes to swallow his cock whole when it’s finally allowed to do so, shows this beta has been properly trained. It will be well rewarded. 

Be prepared for a frank and honest answer

This could be fun.

Ok, I'm ready. 

honey...I'll be working late tonight...
HM & Hunter 8=>~~

I love the combination of the expression on his face, and the hard cock grinding against him.

When he got on the school bus that morning, he had no idea today would be the day he'd be forced to suck his first dick and have his mouth filled with semen.

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